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8 ноября 2001 года.
Krivo's Ducks in a row // Calgary Sun


 The nameplate above Sergei Krivokrasov's stall in the Anaheim dressing room hasn't been completed yet. So, his name is written on a strip of tape. 

 Considering how his career has gone the past few years, there's something significant about that. 

 Only two years ago, Krivokrasov was a member of the Nashville Predators. 

 But a late-season trade brought him to the Flames in the 1999-2000 season. 

 That summer, he ended up in Minnesota in the expansion draft and spent all of last season with Wild. On Nov. 1, he became a Mighty Duck thanks to a deal that sent a seventh-round pick the other way. 

 "It's just the way it's gone," Krivokrasov said. "I have no control where I play. I hope I can stay with this team for longer than a year." 

 Hiring movers isn't new to NHL players but playing for a fourth team in two years tests one's patience. It also puts doubts in the mind. 

 "You think about things like that but you've just got to get focused," he said. 

 "I had some problems in the past staying focused and that's probably a reason I'm bouncing around. Now, my head is clear and I have to play hockey." 

 One thing's for certain, the Ducks are thrilled to have the 5-ft. 10-in., 185-lb. right wing. 

 His acquisition immediately gave the Ducks a legitimate third line with Samuel Pahlsson and Patric Kjellberg. 

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