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31 марта 2001 года.
Wild's Krivokrasov has been less than stellar //Star Tribune 

Tom Jones 
NASHVILLE -- The Wild posed for a team photograph the other day on the ice at Xcel Energy Center. When the proofs come back, don't be surprised if forward Sergei Krivokrasov isn't smiling. 

Krivokrasov is having a bad day at work. Oops, did we say a bad day? We meant a bad year. 

He tore up his knee right off the bat. He then messed up his ankle in February. And now he's out of the lineup, fighting off some sort of strange virus ("It's like mono, but it isn't," Krivokrasov explained). In between all that, he has put up sick offensive numbers. 
Anyone know the Russian phrase for "Murphy's Law?" 

"Seems like everything that could go wrong for me this season has gone wrong," Krivokrasov said. "It's been a disappointing season, a frustrating season. I know I have not played like I'm capable of playing. I definitely expected to have a better season." 
Everyone did. Sergei Krivokrasov isn't the second coming of Sergei Fedorov, but he was the only player in the Wild's training camp who at least had a reputation for scoring. The Wild plays tonight in Nashville, the place where Krivokrasov earned his reputation. 
Three years ago, Krivokrasov scored 25 goals for the expansion Predators. On his current pace, he'll score his 25th goal with the Wild during the 2003-04 season. This season, he has only seven goals and 15 assists in 50 games. The guy expected to lead the team in scoring is 10th. 

"We took a chance on him because of what he had done with Nashville a few seasons ago," Wild general manager Doug Risebrough said. "He hasn't put up those type of numbers, but we've always put team accomplishments ahead of individual numbers and the team's been successful. And he's been a part of that success." 

Then Risebrough slides into a gray area and talks about the reputation that Krivokrasov brought to the Wild. A reputation described in words you wouldn't find on the back of a hockey card: Lazy, enigmatic, head case. He has never quite lived up to expectations since being a first-round draft pick of Chicago in 1992. 

"He hasn't been a problem at all," Risebrough said. "He has been none of those things." 
Quite frankly, he has been none of anything. He didn't score in the Wild's first five games, then missed the next 15 games because of a sprained knee. He didn't record his first point until the Wild's 24th game. He didn't get his first goal until Game 27. 
"The knee injury really put me behind, and I went a long time before I really felt good," Krivokrasov said. "But I know I should've played better. It's frustrating because I know I can play this game and I haven't shown that. I want to show everyone around here that I can play." 

Who knows if he'll get that chance? Krivokrasov's contract is up after the season. He turns 27 in two weeks and is bound to have a better year next season. But it's conceivable the Wild will let him go. 

"The thing that has been tough is it's the first season here and you want to impress the coaches and I know that I probably haven't done that," Krivokrasov said. "I love playing in Minnesota. How could you not? The atmosphere is great, the fans are great. I hope I can come back and play like I know I can." 

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