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14 сентября 2003 года
Kvasha catches stirlings eye - New York Post


WHEELING, W.Va. - As they will do every other day during this training camp, the Islanders held an intra-squad scrimmage yesterday morning. It was intense, physical and was the first chance for new coach Steve Stirling to see the cards he's been dealt.

"We gotta find out who can play and who can't," Stirling said.

For the third year in a row, Kvasha is coming into camp with the hope that he can finally get it and become a player.

No one has given the Islanders more fits than No. 12, who on any given day can dazzle you with his mix of brooding size and skill, only to leave you shaking your head the next day asking where it all went.

But perhaps under a new coach that isn't nearly as intense as the last one, and one who permeates a sort of comfort the players are already taking to, Kvasha may just be able to thrive.

"He showed in the last 20 games of the season what he can do," Alexei Yashin said of his friend and left wing.

Kvasha had 26 points last year - far below the 70 he's been projected to turn in the last two years - and racked up 11 in the final 14 games of the season. He finished strong two seasons ago, scoring several big goals that propelled the Isles into the playoffs, but has not yet strung together a full season of high-octane hockey.

Stirling has already made the interesting comparison between Kvasha and former Bruin and Ranger Phil Esposito, in that they appear to be "plodding" along, but can shake off a defender with lethally quick hands.

"Oleg Kvasha is a player that's ready to take the next step," Stirling said.

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