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21 ноября 2000 года.
Kvasha making the most of his new opportunity // Euroreport.com 

by Dave Reichert | NHL Correspondent - 21 November, 2000 

The 2000-2001 edition of the New York Islanders has presented winger Oleg Kvasha with the chance he has been waiting for. Now in his third season in the NHL, Kvasha has a new opportunity to display his offensive ability with an organization willing to give him a chance. 
It all started on 24 June, 2000, when Kvasha was traded by the Florida Panthers, along with Mark Parrish, to the Islanders for Ollie Jokinen and top goaltending prospect Roberto Luongo. 

Many observers in the league questioned the deal, particularly in light of the fact New York had to part with the highly touted Luongo. Even for head coach Butch Goring, his team was acquiring an unknown commodity in Kvasha. 

"I really didn't have a good handle on him," Goring said. "I didn't see him much and he didn't play very much in Florida, so my expectations weren't too high for him. I was just hoping he would display some offensive skills. I knew he had some size, but I was also looking for him to show some smarts and that he would play with some effort, and he's done that. I think that with those type of basic instincts, he's got a chance to be a player in this league." 

With the support of his coach, the 23 year-old native of Moscow, Russia, is enjoying an increased role in New York's offensive attack. 
"I'm happy to get a chance to play here," said Kvasha. "In Florida maybe there were just too many offensive players and they wanted me to play a more defensive style." 

Luckily for Kvasha, he's with a team that is willing to let him continue to develop and find his place on the team. 

"He's a young lad who's still learning his trade," explained Goring. "As we all know he didn't get a lot of ice time in Florida, so he's really a rookie trying to learn the game of hockey at the National Hockey League level. We like a lot of things that he does. He's got some great offensive skills, he's a big strong guy and he can protect the puck pretty well. But obviously the thing about him is he's gotta learn consistency and discipline. We like what we've seen so far, but we know he's got a lot of work ahead of him still." 

Hard work is not something Kvasha is opposed to. In fact, he is happy just to be given a fair shot. 

"I'm getting a lot more ice time," Revealed Kvasha. "I'm getting more chances to create something. Hopefully I can continue to make things happen when I'm out there. I like the system we play, we try to focus on the forecheck, try to cycle the puck in the offensive zone and just try to make things happen offensively when you have the chance. This system is really good for me." 

Kvasha is also pleased with his progress to this point in the season (4 goals in 18 games), but he emphasizes the success of the team as his top priority. 

"We've worked hard as a team so far this year," he said. "We didn't have a very good start, we lost a few games at the beginning but now we're starting to bounce back and that comes when you work hard." 
With an influx of young talent, the Islanders appear poised to challenge for a playoff berth in the tightly contested Eastern Conference. And for Kvasha, having a chance to become a valued component of a team on the rise is just where he wants to be. 

"I know with the chance that the coaching staff is giving me it's making me a better player," Kvasha admits. "You have to work hard everyday, that's hockey. Win or lose you have to try to get better and better all the time. But the most important thing is that you have to do all you can do to help your team win hockey games, I feel good that I'm getting a chance to do that."

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