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31 октября 2002 года.
Malakhov Is Turning It Up - The Newsday

Arthur Staple

Tampa, Fla. - Vladimir Malakhov normally goes around stone-faced, hiding any emotions he might be feeling. The defenseman did not mince words about his poor start to the season, though.

"I was kind of depressed, really," said Malakhov, who recorded his first point of the season Monday, when he set up Petr Nedved in overtime to beat the Coyotes. "I know I can play better. On the ice, sometimes you think you do something good, and then it doesn't work out that way."

Malakhov continued his inspired play last night. He was on for the Lightning's first goal, but he was as feisty as he has been at any time during his two-plus seasons with the Rangers. He threw a mean hit on Dan Boyle just as the second-period buzzer went off, a time when most players will relax.

Malakhov got off to a hot start last season, with six goals and 13 assists in the first half. He suffered a big post-Olympic dropoff, though, and finished with just 28 points. This season, with the addition of Tom Poti, Malakhov was moved off the top defensive pairing and the top power-play unit.

He was also paired with Darius Kasparaitis, his rookie season partner with the Islanders. The duo was on the ice for a slew of goals against in the first five games before Bryan Trottier put Malakhov with Dale Purinton.

"He was trying to do everything," Malakhov said of Kasparaitis. "I tell him he has to try and calm down, but it didn't work. With Dale, it's easy for me to read him. I know what he's going to do." 

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31 октября. Malakhov Is Turning It Up - The Newsday 


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