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16 сентября 2006 года. 
Devils: Mogilny, Malakhov unlikely to play // New Jearsy Star-Ledger


On the first day of Devils training camp yesterday, general manager Lou Lamoriello cleared up questions about the status of Alexander Mogilny and Vladimir Malakhov, and it would appear neither player will be on the team any time soon, if ever again.

Mogilny, 37, cannot skate because of a sore hip, a problem that plagued him last season at the NHL and minor-league levels. He sought an MRI test on the hip recently and will get a second opinion. While Lamoriello hesitated to call Mogilny's condition "career-threatening" and did not want to say if Mogilny failed his physical on Thursday, he characterized the winger's injury as chronic.

"Quite frankly, because he is not a complainer and has never been, it bothered him quite a bit here," Lamoriello said. "And it did bother him (in Albany), and he did miss games there. But Alex's character is (such) that he would not say he's hurt."

Mogilny is under contract for $3.5 million this season. If he is placed on the team's long-term injured reserve list, that salary will not count toward the team's $44 million cap. Several unsigned players are in camp, and the elimination of salary would give Lamoriello flexibility under the cap, but he said there are no plans right now to place Mogilny on that list.

Mogilny at least showed up for his physical. Malakhov, 38, did not, and Lamoriello does not expect to see him. Malakhov, who has one year and $3.6 million remaining on his contract, left the team in December for what Lamoriello thought was retirement and what Malakhov's agent, Paul Theofanous, later insisted was a leave of absence. Malakhov never returned to the team and was suspended, a status that is still in place.

Lamoriello said he'd been in touch with Theofanous recently about Malakhov's intentions and realized the player's situation is status quo.

"He has not done anything wrong or irregular. It's a decision he made last year and he still feels comfortable with it at this point," Lamoriello said.

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