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16 сентября 2006 года. 
M & M Fatten Devils' cap. 


The theory of getting both Vladimir Malakhov and Alexander Mogilny in action to start a process that could ease New Jersey's salary-cap plight has been scuttled before it ever took shape.

GM Lou Lamoriello said yesterday he doesn't expect Malakhov to rejoin the team, and that Mogilny remains chronically injured and is receiving a second opinion on his ailing hip.

One potential escape route theorized the Devils could trade Malakhov and his $3.6 million salary to some helpful opponent, if he was playing, and that if Mogilny played and his injury returned, his $3.5 million salary might be exempted from the cap as a long-term injury.

Lamoriello now must find another way to clear those salaries, which fall in the category of multi-year unrestricted deals made with players over 35, which subject the second year salaries to the cap, whether or wherever they play, as the collective bargaining agreement says.

The NHL is not expected to look favorably on declaring Mogilny a long-term injury, because he last played in the minors before going out for the latest time, at the end of last season. Malakhov's "retirement" likely would be exactly the sort of scenario, even if unintentional, that the over-35 multiyear clause seeks to discourage. 

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