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16 сентября 2006 года. 
Malkin wastes no time, stars in first scrimmage // Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

By Dave Molinari

This was Evgeni Malkin's first competition against mostly NHL-caliber players on a North American-sized rink, so it seemed logical that he would have to go through an adjustment period.

And he did.

It must have taken the young man a good three-tenths of a second -- OK, maybe a bit less -- before he looked completely comfortable on the ice at Mellon Arena yesterday.

And it was even longer than that before he scored on a penalty shot. And longer still before he converted on an improbable-angle shot that only a gifted and confident scorer would bother taking.

Of course, it could be that he needed the extra time because he was preoccupied with impressing his co-workers and bosses with his passing, hockey sense, defensive play and skating -- among other things -- during the Penguins' first training camp scrimmage.

"He looks great out there," said center Sidney Crosby, an authority on that particular subject. "There's not going to be much of an adjustment for him, as far as adapting to the play. He's fitting in well."

It could be that Malkin is one of those centers who could be productive if he had a shrub on one wing and a dead possum on the other, but he had a couple of pretty fair linemates -- Ryan Malone and Mark Recchi -- yesterday, and coach Michel Therrien suggested those three could form a long-term partnership.

"We're trying to establish our lines quickly," Therrien said.

Around the time Malkin was dazzling onlookers during the Black squad's 5-3 victory against the White, the arbitration committee of the Russian Hockey Federation, to the surprise of no one, was issuing a ruling designed to prevent him from playing in the NHL because of a contract he signed this summer with Magnitogorsk of the Russian Super League.

The panel apparently based its ruling on a provision of the Russian Federal Sports Law rather than the Russian Labor Code, and pronounced that Malkin can play only for Magnitogorsk this season. A formal explanation is to be published within 10 days.

"We're going to analyze it and include it in what we're preparing for," said J.P. Barry, one of Malkin's agents.

"We're going to continue to do research on the different positions that are being alleged."

He added that no determination has been made on whether to appeal the ruling, and that it will not have any impact on Malkin's participation in the Penguins' training camp.

Penguins officials have steadfastly declined to comment on Malkin's situation, presumably because the issue likely will be settled in court and statements made now could become part of the legal proceedings.

Malkin has no plans to return to Russia, so Magnitogorsk's next move likely will involve a United States court. It could sue the league and/or the Penguins, or seek to have the panel's decision upheld under a 1958 treaty that covers the enforcement of tribunal judgments.

While Magnitogorsk seems to have abandoned hope of getting Malkin back into its lineup, team officials have publicly stated their desire to receive financial compensation for his rights.

The NHL rejects that idea because it conflicts with the transfer agreement the league negotiated with the International Ice Hockey Federation. That pact provides for a $200,000 payment for European players who come to the NHL, but Russia has refused to participate.

Magnitogorsk contends that fee would be inadequate for Malkin and, from a purely on-ice perspective, his performance yesterday makes a pretty good case for their position. Fact is, he looked as if he could be a bargain at almost any price.

But for all the things Malkin showed -- the instincts and the speed and the commitment -- nothing was quite as impressive as the skills he displayed when, while operating along the goal line to the left of the net, he detected an opening and banked a sharp-angle shot off the outside of goalie Dany Sabourin's right leg pad and inside the near post.

"That's a testament to his intelligence for the game," Crosby said. "You always see tricky plays like that, creative plays, from great players."

Malkin, speaking through an interpreter, shrugged it off as a reflection of his training -- "Back home, in Russia, they teach a lot of things," -- and teammate Sergei Gonchar took it as a simple affirmation of the abilities he has known Malkin to possess since they were teammates in Russia two years ago.

"The guy has great vision," Gonchar said.

"You can see how well he sees the ice. He saw the opportunity. It didn't surprise me, though."

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