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Malkin gets unusual penalty. 
30 ноября 2013 года. Yohe, Josh. Tribune - Review / Pittsburgh Tribune - Review

TAMPA, Fla. -- The "Ovechkin rule" was enforced against his countryman.

Rule 9.5, which states that a player's jersey must not be tucked into his pants, was enforced against Penguins center Evgeni Malkin in the first period against Tampa Bay on Friday. He was given a two-minute penalty for delay of game.

"The referee was looking for it," coach Dan Bylsma said.

A number of Penguins confirmed that referees Tim Peel and Kyle Rehman also warned multiple Tampa Bay players about their uniforms, but nothing was called.

Malkin was carrying the puck on a 3-on-2 when the whistle blew. Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury skated to the bench thinking the penalty was on Tampa Bay.

"He was given a warning," Bylsma said. "The jersey was tied down. When you start the shift, it's supposed to be tied down. It did not come undone."

Washington's Alex Ovechkin historically has preferred to tuck a portion of his jersey into his pants, sometimes obscuring his number. When the rule was put into place this summer, Ovechkin referred to it as "kind of stupid."

Another Russian player, Carolina forward Alex Semin, received a penalty in the preseason for such an infraction.

Malkin is the first NHL player to receive a regular-season penalty for the violation.

He wears his pants lower than most players, occasionally resulting in his jersey moving high enough that it gets stuck under his pants.
Penguins right wing Craig Adams was given a game misconduct following the game for apparently saying something to a referee. It isn't known what Adams said, but the Penguins were angry about the ruling following the game.

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