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3 сентября 2006 года. 
Malkin's parents plan to move // Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

By Shelly Anderson. 

No legal action has been taken against Penguins prospect Evgeni Malkin for leaving his Russian Super League team, but his parents apparently have run into enough trouble that they plan to move from their hometown.

According to the English-language Web site Mosnews.com, the Russian newspaper Zhizn reported that Malkin's parents have decided to sell their home in Magnitogorsk less than a month after Malkin left the Metallurg team when it arrived in Finland, hid for a few days, then flew to Los Angeles.

"You can't imagine how Evgeni wanted to play in the NHL," Natalia Malkin was quoted as saying. "And we dreamed with him. Finally, he had found his way. And we will be by his side as his parents everywhere.

"But, unfortunately, there are people who are trying to thrust their opinion. They will not leave us alone.

"When Evgeni was still missing, they stayed in our house day and night. They thought we would help them to find him. But we didn't know where he was, either. We understand he just could not call. He calmed us down as soon as he was able to do so."

The report out of Russia added that fans bitter over Malkin leaving his hometown team could seek revenge, perhaps on his new prison-themed restaurant in Magnitogorsk.

"I will not be surprised if fans burn to the ground his restaurant, VIP Zone," one fan was quoted. "You just can't do such things. He has spat upon us."

Malkin's agent, Pat Brisson, said by e-mail yesterday that he did not know whether the big forward's parents are fleeing Magnitogorsk, but he said earlier in the week that Malkin has been in touch with family and friends since arriving in California.

Malkin submitted his two-week notice to nullify the one-year contract he signed with Metallurg. That period ended this week, and it's expected that Brisson and fellow agent JP Barry will begin negotiating with the Penguins over Malkin's contract in the next few days so that he can perhaps join the club for its rookie camp that starts Friday.

Malkin, 20, was the second overall pick in the 2004 NHL draft. 

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