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15 сентября 2006 года. 
Markov fitting right in // Detroit Free Press

Wings defenseman 'hard-nosed' on ice


Danny Markov, right, fights off Chicago's Kyle Calder earlier this year as a Nashville defenseman. Markov joined the Red Wings in the off-season with a one-year contract. He has played with the Predators, Philadelphia, Carolina and Phoenix since 2002-03. (BRIAN KERSEY/Associated Press)

TRAVERSE CITY -- Danny Markov strode around Centre ICE arena looking very much at home among the Red Wings.

But then, this is old hat for Markov, joining a new team. Since 2002-03,he has bounced from Phoenix to Carolina to Philadelphia to Nashville. The Wings signed him to a one-year deal this summer, and both sides hope it is a relationship that will warrant an extension.

On their part, the Wings don't want much from Markov: "I don't need him to be cute, I don't need him to do anything fancy," coach Mike Babcock said Thursday while his players took physicals in advance of today's start of training camp.

What does Babcock want from the 30-year-old Russian journeyman?

"I just need him to be hard, great defensively, and make a good first pass," Babcock said. "When I talked to Stumpy about Markov, he just said he's a big-time leader and he competes hard. That's what you want."

Stumpy is former Wings player Steve Thomas, who obviously recommends his former teammate. So does Greg Johnson, who played with Markov last season in Nashville. What Johnson sees in Markov is a bit of Vladimir Konstantinov, the Russian defenseman who drove opponents bananas with his abrasiveness. Konstantinov's hockey career ended in 1997 after he was severely injured in a limousine accident.

"I always hate making (that comparison) because of all that Vladdie went through, but yeah, he's got that same aggressiveness -- almost plays with reckless abandon at times," Johnson said of Markov. "He's very physical and hard to play against.

"He's a great, hard-nosed player, one of those players you hate playing against but love to play with. He does all the little things -- blocks shots, kills penalties, plays against the other team's top lines -- I think he's going to be a great addition to this team."

As for why Markov has moved around so much, Johnson said it's not for lack of being pleasant. "He's a great guy, lots of energy, fun to be around."

Markov certainly gave that appearance Thursday. He chitchatted with Dominik Hasek, joked with masseur Sergei Tchekmarev and sounded delighted with having landed in Detroit.

"Some teams you need long time to feel comfortable," he said, "but this team, I pretty much know guys because they're good players, good names. You play long enough, you pretty much know all guys. First step in dressing room, I feel comfortable because it's nice guys. Guys like Cheli, Lidstrom, all those old guys, help me a lot, so I feel comfortable."

Besides the welcoming committee of 44-year-old Chris Chelios and 36-year-old Nicklas Lidstrom, Pavel Datsyuk offers a familiar face, having played with Markov for Russia in the Olympics.

Markov, whose slender 6-foot-1, 190-pound frame belies how hard he hits, will be paired with Mathieu Schneider on Team A when practices begin today. Babcock ultimately sees Markov playing with either Schneider or Lidstrom, with Niklas Kronwall fleshing out the top-four corps.

"It's always pleasure to play with players like that," Markov said. "I be happy to step on the ice with one of those guys."

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