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15 сентября 2006 года. 
Markov drawing comparisons to Konstantinov // The Detroit News

Veteran defenseman, who signed with Wings in the offseason, lauded for his hard-nose play.

Ted Kulfan

Defenseman Danny Markov, who will be playing for his fifth team since 2001, has had enough of his vagabond ways. "I'm tired of packing and unpacking stuff," he said. See full image

 TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. -- Danny Markov is not one to compare himself to others.

He won't say his playing style is similar to former Red Wing Vladimir Konstantinov, although many others believe it is.

And if that's the case, Markov is fine with it. A Russian like Konstantinov, Markov would be proud to be linked with the former Wings defenseman.

"I enjoyed watching him play," said Markov, 30.

It's that nastiness that Konstantinov played with that the Wings were looking for last summer when they signed Markov to a one-year contract worth $2.5 million.

Coach Mike Babcock is envisioning playing Markov with either Nicklas Lidstrom or Mathieu Schneider. What Babcock wants out of Markov is simple.

"I hope he's hard to play against," Babcock said. "I don't need him to be cute or do anything fancy. Just be hard and great defensively, make a good first pass.

"He competes hard and you want competitive people. He and (Greg) Johnson will be good fits for our team."

Markov and Johnson played together in Nashville last season. Johnson saw what Markov could provide a team.

"He's a real hard-nosed player, the type of player you hate to play against but love to be your teammate," Johnson said. "He does all the little things. Block shots, kill penalties, go against an opposing team's top line."

Johnson, who was with the Wings before they won the Cup in 1997, agrees with the Konstantinov comparisons.

"He has that kind of aggressiveness and plays with the reckless abandon," Johnson said. "He's a physical guy who is hard to play against."

Markov is playing for his fifth team (Phoenix, Philadelphia, Carolina, Nashville and Detroit) in the last four seasons, not counting the lockout.

He is hoping to call Detroit home for a long time.

"I'm tired of packing and unpacking stuff," Markov said. "But it's life and there's nothing you can do about it. Just look forward and be positive.

"I've always wanted to play in Detroit. We have a good team here and good guys."

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