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15 ноября 1999 года. 
Slats gets rude with Bobo (Борисом Мироновым) 


CHICAGO -- Boris Mironov was a little hurt by comments from Oilers GM Glen Sather in yesterday's Chicago Sun Times.  

But in his usual Mironov way he laughed them off.  

Columnist Brian Hanley used Sather's quotes given to Chicago-based Hockey Digest writer Chris Anderson.  

"He's a good player. He's a talented player. But he's certainly not a $3 million or $4 million hockey player because he doesn't have the personal discipline to put him in that echelon," said Sather of his ex-defenceman.  

"He doesn't train hard enough. He's just not serious enough about his job.  

"I like the guy personally," Sather said.  

"I think he's a real good guy. But you can't spend three months sitting on a beach and come back and play hockey and be a $4 million hockey player.  

'`And from what I understand, he looks like a beached whale."  

Which prompted a reply from Mironov.  

"He thinks I'm a beached whale. You tell Slats that I still love him," smiled Mironov, who also talked about Sather's hefty salary.  

Hawks coach Lorne Molleken also jumped in.  

"(Mironov's) come in lighter than he was last year. He just said to me, 'Geez, Slats thought I was a beached whale,' " laughed Molleken, who worked for Sather in Hamilton and is just glad to have Mironov back.  

"It's a positive sign. It's been hard on everyone and I know the guys are happy to have him back."

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"ЗВЁЗДЫ С ВОСТОКА" @ c 1997 года