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18 декабря 2000 года.
Mironov feeling the pressure as he tries to jump-start his game // Chicago Sun Times 


Blackhawks defenseman Boris Mironov said Saturday he never has faced as much pressure in his career as he has this season. 

"People calling me `Krispy Kreme,' that's really enjoyable," Mironov said after the Hawks' 3-0 victory against the Nashville Predators. 

Mironov said he decided five games ago to take a different approach on the ice. Listening to Tony Amonte's advice to "just close his eyes and shoot," Mironov has been making a more concerted effort to contribute to the offense--with varying degrees of success. 

He scored his first goal of the season Friday against Dallas, but still has just seven points in 32 games. He produced 20 shots in his last five games, but was minus-seven over that span. 

"It wears on you," Mironov said when asked about his disappointing statistics. "It's always on your mind. They pay me the money because I'm an offensive defenseman. I have to help the forwards and have to play doubly hard. The last three or four games, I've been more comfortable and am shooting the puck lots." 

Mironov has tried at least four different stick blades and essentially has been reinventing his game in the first three months of the season. 

"I try to change everything," he said. "You have to start from zero and take it step-by-step. But if I have a chance to jump, I'm jumping. That's the way I like to play." 

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