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27 декабря 2002 года. 
Risky business for Mironov - Chicago Sun Times


Anyone who has held a job has experienced a day, a week or even a year in which they wanted to throw up their hands, walk out the door and never return.

But most people keep showing up at the office because it is just too risky to do otherwise. The bills are going to keep coming, as well as the desire to enjoy the little luxuries money can buy. And it is never easy to explain away gaps in the resume, especially when the reason sounds something like "I could not get along with my boss.''

Blackhawks defenseman Boris Mironov decided to play the game of risk when he walked away from the team Dec. 3 and demanded to be traded, saying he wanted more ice time. But Mironov is in dangerous territory and has little chance of coming out a winner.

General manager Mike Smith's office will be open for business Saturday, when the holiday roster freeze ends, but so far no one has been in the market for a piece of overpriced merchandise. Even if Mironov is moved off the shelf, he has lost money and experience--and he has further hurt his reputation.

Mironov, reached at his home Thursday, said he still is hoping he will play for and contribute to another team this season. But unlike his initial words about sticking to his decision, Mironov declined to comment when asked whether he had thought about returning to the Hawks. He would not even comment on whether he would be at the Hawks' practice today.

Smith, though, still thinks a trade is a possibility. He said he recently talked to Mironov's agent, Paul Theofanous, and plans to talk to him again in the next few days. Those discussions primarily have been about the possibility of a trade and how Mironov might facilitate a deal. Mironov could take a pay cut, making it easier for Smith to deal him, but Smith would not comment on the specific ways in which Mironov might help speed up the process.

"I haven't had any discussions [with other teams about Mironov] for a while,'' Smith said.

After all, it is hard to trade a player who has quit on his team. Something about the importance of teamwork in team sports. And how nobody likes the kid who takes his ball and goes home when he does not get his way.

Studies have taught us that money does not buy happiness. But Mironov, who was slated to make $3.3 million this season, might have found happiness a lot quicker if he had kept playing after asking for a trade. It is a lot easier to trade a player who is working hard and performing well than one who has not played in almost a month.

Mironov insisted Thursday he has worked out almost every day since he left. But he admitted he does not have ice available to him every day, which limits his options. That will not encourage potential bidders, who are well aware of Mironov's history of conditioning problems.

And while Mironov's money has allowed him to make this choice, it also is what makes it so hard for many of us to understand. He has forfeited more than $18,000 in guaranteed salary each day, more than $432,000 as of Thursday. Most people would dig ditches for that kind of financial security.

He also is gambling with his free-agent status. He was going to be eligible to become an unrestricted free agent this summer, but he will give that up if he sits out the rest of the season. In other words, if he had just put up with coach Brian Sutter for another few months, he would have had the freedom to choose this summer.

Mironov knows the rules, but he did not want to discuss how many games he needs to play this season to fulfill his contractual obligations.

"I don't want to talk this way,'' he said. "I want to play for someone else who can use me. Right now, I just want to play. This is what I've been doing all my life. I want it to be done as soon as possible.''

Meanwhile, the Hawks have played their best hockey of the season since Mironov left the team. They have not had to pay his salary, which freed up money to acquire Mike Eastwood. Younger players such as Steve McCarthy have gotten an opportunity to play. And the Hawks no longer have to worry about how Mironov's disgruntlement might affect the chemistry of the dressing room.

If it is a game, it is not much of one.

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