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8 ноября 1997 года.
Mogilny returns

By LANCE HORNBY -- Toronto Sun

Pat Quinn apparently left the Vancouver Canucks a parting gift.

 The recently fired president and general manager had done most of the leg work on a new contract for restricted free agent Alexander Mogilny, which was finally completed yesterday, ending a long and painful dispute.

 Senior vice-president Steve Tambellini and the Canucks ad-hoc management team have been finishing the job since Tuesday. The four-year deal is worth $4.5 million US a year, or $18 million US overall, and should be the catalyst that turns around the last-place Canucks (3-11-2).

 "It's great," Mogilny said at a news conference. "I was just sitting at home watching and I just wanted to be out there, still part of the team."

 He may be ready to suit up tonight against Anaheim. If not, he may play Tuesday in Los Angeles.

 Mogilny's signing came three days after the Canucks owner, John McCaw, fired Quinn.

 Although the Canucks have had more trouble defensively this season, they need Mogilny's output. He was the team leader in several categories last season with 73 points, 42 assists, seven power-play goals and 16 power-play points.
 Mogilny, 28, earned $4 million US last season.

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