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10 ноября 1997 года.
Mogilny Signed, Sealed; Is NY Delivery Next?

from www.euroreport.com web page

[by sean broderick - 10 november, 1997]

Now that Alexander Mogilny is back in Vancouver, the next question is, How long with Alexander Mogilny be in Vancouver?

The ink wasn't even dry on Mogilny's reported four-year, $17.6 million contract before rumors of a trade involving the New York Rangers were louder than ever. Reports out of both Vancouver and New York have Mogilny heading east and Alexei Kovalev heading west in an exchange of unhappy Russian wingers that possess world-class talent.

The rumor mill is churning so furiously that even fellow players are keeping their ears open on this one. At the conclusion of an interview on a completely different subject over the weekend, Team Russia teammate and current Washington Capital Andrei Nikolishin wanted to know the scoop on his newly-signed buddy.

"Have you heard any trade rumors?," the injured Capital inquired.

When asked if he meant about players in Washington or just in general, Nikolishin replied without hesitation: "About Alex Mogilny. I hear he is going to New York" -- and he didn't mean the Islanders.

At first glance, a Mogilny-for-Kovalev swap seems logical for both teams. After all, neither one has a goal yet this season, and both are rumored to be unhappy. Of course, Mogilny's goal-less output has come in just 1 game, while Kovalev has failed to score in 17contests. To make matters worse, he is an NHL-worst -16.

Kovalev's poor play in New York has earned him several extended stays on the bench in recent weeks. On one occasion, he triggered a Colorado counter-attack by throwing an ill-advised pass from deep in the Avalanche zone back towards center ice (right into the path of Joe Sakic, no less). The play did not produce a goal, but it nearly cost the Rangers a 2-1, third period lead on the road. Kovalev sat for the final 18 minutes of the game and watched his teammates finish a 3-1 win.

In the Rangers' very next game, a first period slashing penalty on Kovalev led to a power play goal for Dallas, giving them a 1-0 lead. Rangers coach Colin Campbell was so upset with Kovalev that he sat the enigmatic winger for most of the final 2 periods, as the Rangers pulled out a 2-2 tie.

Such circumstances aren't likely to be tolerated in New York for much longer, where the Rangers are off to an unimpressive 4-6-7 start. Sitting Kovalev is not the answer, for that is one way to guarantee he will stay in a goal-scoring funk.

Bringing Mogilny to New York would virtually guarantee offensive production that Kovalev has so far been unable to provide. The 28-year old Mogilny has led the Canucks in scoring in each of the past 2 seasons, including his 31 goal, 73-point effort last year.

Meanwhile, it's no secret that one of Kovalev's biggest fans is none other than Vancouver captain -- and former New York Ranger -- Mark Messier. Many believe that Messier's constant support of Kovalev during their time together in New York is the only thing that has kept the young Russian in a Rangers sweater for this long.

For his part, Mogilny sounds like he wants to be part of the mix in Vancouver, even thought the club has struggled terribly this season. The Canucks will carry a Western Conference-worst 3-11-2 record into Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

"I was just sitting at home watching and I just wanted to be out there, still part of the team," Mogilny said a news conference announcing his new deal.

He's no longer at home, that much is certain. But it remains to be seen if Mogilny will remain part of the Vancouver Canucks.

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