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23 февраля 2002 года.
Mogilny's back still a pain - Toronto Sun 

Sniper continues to hurt despite Olympic layoff


Alexander Mogilny is having trouble snoozing because of his ailing back. 

And if there is no significant improvement soon, the Maple Leafs and their fans will be in for some sleepless nights as well. 

Considered one of the key in the Leafs' Stanley Cup aspirations this season, Mogilny's comeback attempt from a painful back injury has hit a wall. Sure, he has resumed practising with his teammates the past five days, but that should not be construed as a sign that he is ready to go. 

"It hasn't really gotten any better in the past two weeks," said Mogilny, who left the ice early during the Leafs' morning workout at the Air Canada Centre yesterday. "It's definitely not 100% right now." 

Mogilny is questionable for the Leafs' game against the Carolina Hurricanes tonight, causing team officials to call up forward Paul Healey from St. John's as a precaution. With Toronto scheduled to play its final 24 games in 46 days, the Leafs are not about to put Mogilny's future in jeopardy. 

"We're not going to risk his season just so he can play against Carolina or in New Jersey (Friday)," a Leafs executive said. 

Mogilny has been missing from the Leafs lineup since Jan. 29 when he suffered a lower back injury after being shoved awkwardly into the boards by San Jose Sharks defenceman Brad Stuart. Mogilny is champing at the bit to return to action, but his back is not co-operating. 

As his teammates were facing the media at the Air Canada Centre yesterday, Mogilny sat alone collecting his thoughts in a back room. Every now and then he would grimace, a sure sign that the pain still was there. 

"I don't know what needs to be done," said Mogilny, who is third in team scoring with 17 goals and 26 assists for 43 points. "We'll have to see. If it gets any worse, I really don't know what will happen. 

"I want to play. It already has been almost a month. It's already longer than I thought it would be, but there really hasn't been any dramatic improvement. (The pain) is constantly there." 

Captain Mats Sundin would prefer the Leafs err on the side of caution when it comes to Mogilny, the spark plug of the team's power play. 

"I think Alex is obviously a key for us," Sundin said. "We need him healthy. I'd rather see him get some more rest and return when he is 100%." 

This is Healey's second stint with the Leafs. He spent two games with Toronto earlier in the season before being shipped back to St. John's.

"I was told about the call up (Sunday night) at about 6:30 as we were returning to St. John's from a road trip," Healey said. "By seven o'clock I got off one plane and got on another one." 

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