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27 декабря 2005 года. 
Devil in the details for Mogilny // "Toronto Star" 

This is not hockey,' says aching sniper


When Alexander Mogilny signed a free-agent contract with the New Jersey Devils this past summer, walking away from the Maple Leafs for money clearly grown on trees, eyebrows were raised at the Devils' extravagant splurge. Mogilny was feted with a two-year deal worth about $7 million (all figures U.S.), which amounted to $3.5 million for each of the surgeries he'd endured on his arthritic right hip in the previous couple of years. And though Mogilny had only a few months earlier been heard lamenting the difficulty he'd been having performing everyday tasks — not so much skating and scoring, but sitting and standing — you had to wonder what Lou Lamoriello, the usually astute New Jersey honcho, was thinking.

Said Lamoriello: "We're comfortable that he's 100 per cent healthy."

Perhaps Lamoriello was confusing the word "healthy" with "Russian."

So far this season, Mogilny has been a healthy scratch in one game and missed four more with a concussion suffered in the November moment his chin collided with a moving puck. But while the 36-year-old veteran has been in the lineup for 31 games, he has not been in the pink.

"It's been a difficult couple of years for me, a couple of surgeries, and still I feel the effects of that every day," he said before last night's 2-1 New Jersey loss to the Leafs at the Air Canada Centre. "It's a battle every day. It's not going to go away. It stays with me.

"(But) we're all hurting in some ways. It's part of playing hockey. There's no time to recover. You go out there and play with it ... Some days it feels okay. Some days it doesn't."

Don't cry for No.89, the preternaturally gifted sharpshooter who at the height of his powers scored 76 goals in 77 games in 1992-93. Mogilny didn't only get a Gretzkyish dose of hand-eye genius along with the jet-fuelled feet of his youth; he also, on account of being injured, got paid his full $5.5. million salary during the NHL lockout.

And even on one good leg he is still a half-scary scoring threat. He had 12 goals and 25 points heading into last night's tilt, which was not to say he was a happy right winger.

He was aching. His team was struggling badly, winners of just two of their previous 10. That was at least partly because the Devils were ranked 26th in the 30-team league in the all-important category of power-play efficiency, and as if to prove their futility they went 0-for-6 with the advantage last night, at one point squandering a five-minute five-on-four, with Mogilny spending much of that unproductive time on the ice.

Said Martin Brodeur, the Canadian Olympic goalie who stopped 25 of 27 shots for the Devils: "We played a solid game but nothing to show for it, so it's definitely getting old ... I've got a lot more worries in New Jersey than the Olympics."

Mogilny, for his part, has a beef with the new-era NHL.

"I can't stand it. Can't stand it," he said. "This is not hockey, how it should be played ... It's hard to see some of the guys who played in this league for a lot of years and been successful, bring something special to this game, now they find themselves without a job and being on the bubble to just basically let them go. That's been difficult for me to watch. I'm not going to name names throughout the league."

Lamoriello wasn't naming names yesterday when it came to candidates for the coaching job he is currently occupying while also down gigs as chief executive officer, president and general manager. Ted Nolan, the one-time NHL coach of the year who's been slumming it in the junior ranks of late, probably didn't help his chances by telling the Buffalo News he'd informed the Devils of his interest.

"It's a free country," Lamoriello said yesterday when asked about Nolan's disclosure.

Indeed, junior coaches everywhere are free to put their feet in the mouths. But shooting from the hip, as Mogilny must know, can hurt.

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