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6 июля 2003 года
Morozov eager to hear of Lemieux's return - Post-Gazette 

By Dejan Kovacevic

When Mario Lemieux reveals his return to the ice next season, an announcement which could come later this week, it is possible that the loudest cheer will come from a guy lounging on a beach in Turkey.

"Yeah, it will probably be me," said Aleksey Morozov, vacationing on the Black Sea. "I already feel so lucky to have a chance to play so much with Mario, being only 26. To have another chance ... I would be so, so happy."

That's because Morozov might have more to gain from Lemieux's return than anyone, given that he is a virtual lock to reclaim his spot on Lemieux's right wing.

The Penguins are not close to drawing up forward lines for next season, but it is noteworthy that plans already are afoot in the Lemieux camp to get Morozov into town from his native Russia early next month to make sure the two get plenty of skating time together on Neville Island. Morozov did not plan to report until the first week of September, right before camp, but would be delighted to adjust.

"Oh, I'll be there, for sure," he said. "I want to be a part of this."

After sitting out all but 27 games of the 2002-03 season, Morozov might be satisfied to be part of anything hockey-related.

Two wrist bones -- including the scaphoid, the largest one -- were broken Dec. 10 in Toronto from a hard check He did not play again, as complications in getting normal blood flow to return to the scaphoid forced surgeons to insert steel pins in January.

Three weeks ago, doctors told Morozov he could resume skating, stickhandling and shooting, and he has reported no trouble. He still rates his wrist as only "75 percent" now, but not because of the injury.

"I just need to build the muscles back, get stronger" he said. "They told me to do as much as I can and to tell them if anything hurts. I don't have any problems."

Morozov and Lemieux first clicked on a January 2001 trip through Western Canada, but health has kept them from playing together often. Starting with that trip, they shared the ice for only 12 games in 2001-02 and 26 last season. But it still is not difficult to see the benefits Morozov reaps from playing with Lemieux, as he scored 18 goals in those 38 games.

The fact that the best work of Morozov's six-year career has come next to Lemieux could be viewed with a cynical eye. But if he is troubled by the idea of riding a legend's coattails, he apparently has no intention of complaining about getting to do so again.

"He was down at the end of the season, and I wasn't sure if he was coming back," Morozov said. "But I know he wanted to think about it a lot. I'm glad he did. It will be unbelievable when he tells everyone. It will be unbelievable for me, too. I don't mind telling people I like playing with him. I try to help him, and I know he helps me."

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