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16 марта 2009 года. 
Perry accuses Nabokov of late-game 'kick' // Orange County Register


A 1-0 loss to the San Jose Sharks wasn't the only thing that left a sour feeling in the Ducks' locker room Sunday night.

Ducks right wing Corey Perry accused Sharks goaltender Evgeni Nabokov of using his skate to deliver a kick to Perry's arm after play had stopped near the San Jose net during a Ducks power-play opportunity late in the third period.

"Everything was over," Perry said. "I was still lying there on my knees. All of a sudden, Nabokov just turned and kicked me. He rolled onto his side and kicked me with his right leg. He hit me with his toe."

Exactly a year earlier, the NHL handed Ducks defenseman Chris Pronger an eight-game suspension, the eighth of his career, for stomping on the leg of Vancouver's Ryan Kesler during a game three nights earlier.

"It's not allowed in this game," Perry said. "We've been on the other end of it. It is what it is. We'll see what happens."

While the league did not react to the originally undetected Pronger-Kesler incident until having received additional video from a Canadian television outlet, linesmen Shane Heyer and Lyle Seitz saw what Nabokov did, according to Perry.

"They know," Perry said. "They were standing right over the top of me. The play was over, I don't know, for 15 seconds."

Nabokov, who stoned the Ducks with 34 saves, including six against Perry, denied Perry's allegation.

"I didn't kick him," Nabokov said. "I was moving my legs to get up, to get out of there, so whatever he was saying is his problem.

"Ask him what he did."

Perry, suspended four games in January for an elbow to the head of Philadelphia rookie Claude Giroux, said he had fallen on the back of Nabokov's legs but denied there was a cross-checking motion or anything of the sort.

"I'm not going to try to stay away from him if I get pushed on him," Perry said.

Nabokov downplayed the entire affair.

"It's over with, so who cares?" he said. "We got the two points, and we're going home."

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