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14 октября 2001 года.
Novoseltsev must profit from a break 

By Michael Russo 

SUNRISE · Ivan Novoseltsev is only 22, but he already has had a roller-coaster Panthers career.

After being one of the better young forwards in camp the previous two seasons, Novoseltsev didn't make the team either year. In last month's training camp, coach Duane Sutter wasn't always happy with his performance, but the Russian right wing made the team.

"Numbers and a couple of situations gave him the opportunity to stay, and now he has to take advantage," Sutter said.

Entering camp, Sutter felt Novoseltsev, who has 54 NHL games, would have a difficult time making the team. But when Denis Shvidki sustained a concussion and Stephen Weiss and Serge Payer didn't make the team, a spot opened.

Novoseltsev has been scratched in three of the Panthers' five games, including Saturday's against Philadelphia. He has one goal in two games.

Asked if he has seen Novoseltsev's game improve, Sutter said, "Not as far as his defensive game. As far as a more team-oriented game, yes. He's using his speed to the outside more, driving wide and taking the puck to the net. If he continues to do that, he'll excel.

"When he gets in trouble is in the neutral zone when instead of driving the defensemen back, he cuts in outside the blue line. One thing is you turn the puck over too many times [doing that]. The second thing is you're going to lose a knee pretty quick because other teams scout you."

Novoseltsev also has more control of his speed. In his previous camps, he used to lose control and crash into the net or end boards.

"Part of that is being around players like Pavel [Bure] here and learning from him," Sutter said.

After five years in North America, Novoseltsev's English is also much improved. He said he learns mostly from watching television. His favorite show is Friends.

"I think before Ivan was an individual who liked to spend time by himself and that may have been nervousness around an older group or something to do with his personality," Sutter said.

"But he's getting more involved in conversations with his teammates. You see him in a group instead of off by himself; that's part of maturity."

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