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13 сентября 2006 года.
Ovechkin Returns, Refreshed And Ready

A busy summer filled with exotic vacations, promotional appearances, photo shoots and strenuous off-ice training sessions came to an end yesterday for Alex Ovechkin , who rejoined his Washington Capitals teammates for a spirited skate aimed at getting them ready for the start of training camp Friday.

"Today was only my sixth time on ice" since last season, said Ovechkin, who arrived in Washington on Monday night. "Off ice, I work very hard. But no ice. I was tired because I skate a lot last year. In three more weeks . . . I will be in a good shape."
After winning rookie-of-the-year honors in June, Ovechkin, who turns 21 Sunday, visited Russia, France, Cyprus and Turkey. But his summer wasn't all play. The powerful left wing spent the past month working out in the gym with a personal trainer in Toronto.

"It was unbelievable summer," he said.

As Ovechkin skated with teammates and prospects at the Ashburn Ice House, another Russian, Alexander Semin , watched from the stands. The countrymen greeted one another before practice and later left the rink together. It wasn't clear why Semin didn't participate, but the fact that he was there was an encouraging sign for the Capitals.

Semin played in Russia the past two seasons despite having a contract with the Capitals. He claimed he wasn't permitted to leave his homeland because of an unfulfilled military obligation; the Capitals disputed Semin's claim and sued him in U.S. District Court for breach of contract. The sides settled their differences in April, with the 22-year-old left wing signing a two-year contract.

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