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18 сентября 2008 года. 
Radulov arbitration case hits wall // "Теннессиан" 

NHL rejects plan for hearings sites


Russia's Continental Hockey League has agreed to go to arbitration to determine forward Alexander Radulov status but the terms are unacceptable to the NHL, deputy commissioner Bill Daly said Wednesday.

The KHL suggested the case of Radulov — as well as those of three other players in dispute between the two leagues — be arbitrated in the countries in which the contracts are contested.

Radulov's case would be handled in a Russian arbitration court and the cases of the three players hoping to move from the KHL to the NHL would be handled in a U.S. arbitration court. The KHL feels that enforcement of the arbitration decisions would be easier that way.

The NHL rejected such an arrangement.

"We have already responded to them in writing," Daly said by e-mail.

"We have suggested arbitration before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), out of Lausanne, Switzerland.''

Radulov, who totaled 44 goals in his first two seasons with the Predators, signed a three-year contract with a Russian team in July despite having a year left on his contract with Nashville.

The International Ice Hockey Federation suggested arbitration as a possible resolution to the situation and the NHL agreed earlier this month. The KHL had not agreed to arbitration until Wednesday morning.
Predators moving on

The Predators, meanwhile, are preparing for life without Radulov.

"Our training camp is starting Friday and for all intents and purposes, we've moved on without Rad,'' General Manager David Poile said Wednesday. "Our game plan is based on not having him this year. That's what we've told our players. The coaches are preparing everything as if he's not going to be here.''

Asked what kind of response Radulov would get from former teammates if he did return, Poile said time has a way of curing all problems.

"Obviously he's not in the best of favor with us for doing this because we think not only was it an immature decision on his part, but it was not right,'' Poile said. "It was not an honorable thing to do when you have a contract. … But the point is we'll have to see.

"When and if he's here, then we'll address it. At that time, if he says and wants to do the right things, it could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to him in terms of his maturity and his career. But that's a lot of distance between then and whenever it's going to happen.

"I have no assurances this thing will go to arbitration and even if it does, I have no assurances we would win in that situation.''
Agreement the goal

The KHL and Poile expressed hope that a transfer agreement between the KHL and NHL would be signed soon. The agreement would create a formal set of rules for player movement between leagues.

"Without a transfer agreement, and with another league that might take or poach players away, it could be very serious in the long run,'' Poile said. "It could affect things like the World Championships and eventually the Olympics. So everyone would like to have a resolution on this topic.''

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