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4 ноября 2002 года.
Samsonov is shooting for a safe return - Boston Globe

Bruin's Samsonov tries not to push it

By Jim Greenidge

WILMINGTON - Left wing Sergei Samsonov has missed the last seven games because of a sprained right wrist, but if things go well, he might be back in the Bruins lineup Thursday at Detroit or Saturday against Ottawa.

Samsonov has been skating in practice, but he's been told by the team's medical staff not to shoot the puck until his wrist is completely healed.

''Shooting is a problem,'' said Samsonov after the team's hour-and-a-half practice yesterday. ''It's a big part of the game, so if it doesn't feel right, it doesn't make any sense to come back and play.''

Samsonov injured the wrist at Calgary Oct. 17, the fourth game of the season. ''I [knew I] hurt it right away, I could feel it, but it was at the end of the game, so I played a couple more shifts and that was it,'' he said.

Samsonov, who has six points, has been icing the wrist more than anything else.

''It's more time [I need] than anything that needs to be done,'' he said. ''I just need more time to heal and I've been told that these type of injuries take anywhere from 2-4 weeks, and it will be three weeks Thursday.''

Samsonov has tried to sneak in a shot from time to time, but, ''then I look around and I see a doctor banging on the glass, telling me not to do that,'' he said with a laugh.

The skating helps him stay close to game shape, however. ''I know my conditioning is in good shape, so that's not going to be a part of the game I have to worry about,'' he said.

Goaltender John Grahame, who was Steve Shields's backup against the Rangers Saturday night in a 3-2 Boston win, is healthy again after having separated his right shoulder. He missed seven games after having a 1-1-0 record in the three games he played.

''Nobody likes to be hurt. It's no fun,'' Grahame said. ''It's good to see the guys doing well, so that makes it a lot easier.''

Grahame doesn't know when he'll get his next start; Shields has started five of the last six games.

''I just go out there and control what I can control,'' Grahame said. ''There's no situation. We're just trying to win games. If I play, I want to go out and play well. If I get to play more often than not, of course, that's what I want. You just want to go out and help the team.''

Samsonov and Grahame, who had previously resumed practice, were both tired after yesterday's session.

''Sergei is feeling great,'' said coach Robbie Ftorek, who skated the team extremely hard at one point. ''He works hard when he's on the ice and with [today] off, we'll see how he feels [tomorrow].

''John hasn't been doing as much as he did in our practice [yesterday] for a while. I saw him out on the ice, just laying flat out. But that's what he needs. He needs to see a lot of pucks in different areas, and with screens and that sort of stuff, so this was a good day for him.''

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