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4 декабря 2002 года. 
У Самсонова новая травма. 

Ещё до конца не залечив кисть правой руки, нападающий “Бостон Брюинз” Сергей Самсонов получил новую болячку - растяжение мышц паха. 

Россиянин получил травму в поединке против “Питтсбург Пингвинз” в прошедшую субботу, в котором он сделал одну результативную передачу и забросил победную шайбу. До этой игры Самсонов пропустил 18 игр из-за болей в правой руке. Всего на сегодняшний день Сергей сыграл в сезоне всего пять матчей, забив три гола (все победные) и отдав пять точных передач. 

По мнению докторов Сергей просто переусердствовал во встрече с “Пингвинз” и его пах сможет выдержать нагрузки после пары дней отдыха. Гораздо большую озабоченность продолжает вызывать кисть правой руки. Самсонов будет играть со специальным защитным щитком (кстати он носит один такой щиток на колене) и если в случае возвращения боли, россиянин может пойти на хирургическую операцию. По словам Сергея, он ломал именно эту руку 10 лет назад и вполне возможно, что она залечилась не совсем правильно. 

10 декабря 2002 года
Samsonov still hurting

by Steve Conroy

WILMINGTON - After capturing three victories in four days, the NHL-best Bruins took yesterday off to rest up for tonight's divisional matchup against the archrival Montreal Canadiens at the FleetCenter 

Only the rehabbing Sergei Samsonov (groin, wrist) and P.J. Axelsson (back) hit the ice at the Ristuccia Center for short spins, hoping to rejoin a team that has amassed 42 points and lost just 4-of-27 games this season.

Samsonov said a decision on his availability would be made after today's morning skate. Axelsson still was sore and sounded doubtful, and coach Robbie Ftorek was not optimistic that either would return for tonight's match.

Samsonov sustained the groin injury Nov. 30 against Pittsburgh, his first game back since Oct. 17 when he injured his wrist. The winger has to decide whether to have surgery on the wrist and return for the playoffs or grin and bear the pain for the rest of the season.

``It's tough to say. I haven't played much with the wrist, just two games, basically, and I'm not skating in between while I try to rest my groin,'' said Samsonov, who also played in Saturday's 3-2 win against Tampa Bay. ``When I make the decision, it will be after I practice, play a game, practice the next day and then play another game and get on the type of schedule I'd usually be on.''

Samsonov injured the wrist in Calgary and what originally was termed a sprain has been complicated by an old injury he sustained as a kid. Now he has a bone chip floating in the wrist as well as some scar tissue and bone-on-bone movement that's causing him pain.

A fitted brace helped him return to the lineup before he strained the groin.

``I still have to get used to (the brace),'' Samsonov said. ``It's a little bulky, but it protects the wrist well and it doesn't put the wrist in a bad position. The only downside is you're not used to it and it limits your wrist motion.''

He only went for a light skate yesterday - about 15 minutes - but said that he had no restrictions when it came to shooting the puck and stickhandling.

``I've got to do everything I usually do so that I can test it,'' he said. ``Maybe down the road, if we decide not to do surgery, we may be more careful with it in practice and not use it as much. But right now, it makes sense to go right out and try it.''

Samsonov certainly would love to get back in the lineup tonight when the dreaded Habs come to town. He still hasn't faced the Canadiens since the painful playoff loss in April, and missed the B's 4-2 home win against Montreal the day after Thanksgiving.

``We showed up and played well in the first game and it was a good feeling in the locker room afterwards, but I don't think it changes anything between us and them,'' Samsonov said.

``We've always had hard games against the Canadiens. It's just a big rivalry. Every time we play them, it's a special feeling in the air and special atmosphere on the ice. It's always fun to play those games.''

Страничка Сергея Самсонова на сайте "Звёзды с Востока"

АРХИВ. 2002 год: 

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