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30 декабря 2005 года
Samsonov mending quickly // Boston Globe

By Nancy Marrapese-Burrell, Globe Staff 

BRANDON, Fla. -- In a season that has yet to generate much in the way of good news, the Bruins received some yesterday when they learned their top scorer -- Sergei Samsonov -- has a shot at being back in the lineup tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Samsonov, who had a sensational game in Boston's win over the Capitals in Washington Tuesday night, injured his rib cage and did not play against the Florida Panthers Wednesday night.

Samsonov flew home to Boston Wednesday for medical treatment. He was cleared by doctors and put back on a plane to Tampa. He is expected to participate in the morning skate, then gauge his status for the Bruins' final game of the calendar year.

Neil Abbott, Samsonov's attorney, said he was surprised when he turned on the game Wednesday and Samsonov was missing.

''He's got some kind of pulled muscle," said Abbott. ''I think it could be related to when he hurt himself a couple of years ago when he had a cracked rib [in 2003-04 when he missed 14 games]. He was checked out pretty good. We'll go day by day. It doesn't appear to be anything too serious. He's got some soreness, he's got a spot [on his ribs]. He obviously did something the other night. They're being very careful and cautious."

Coach Mike Sullivan was happy it was only a short-term issue.

''He's certainly a difference-maker," said Sullivan. ''He has the ability to make the difference in any given game. When he's not in our lineup, we miss him, obviously, for that reason."

After everything Samsonov has gone through this year -- migraine headaches he suffered playing for Moscow Dynamo; a slow start in training camp recovering from the headaches; and a nerve problem in his hands that caused him to miss two games earlier this month -- Abbott said it was nice to see vintage Samsonov against the Capitals.

''He was dancing and bobbing and weaving and hopefully he can get back in there and pick up where he left off," he said.

Abbott believes some of Samsonov's health woes are related to the 2004-05 lockout. Abbott said many players who were dormant during the lockout have had varying injuries, from groin strains to hip flexors to back problems.

''I call it the physical cap vs. the salary cap," said Abbott. ''The guys who didn't play last year, these guys all really had slow starts for the most part at getting back to that level. You get away from the game for a year and a half, you don't have the physical stress that you put yourself through. This game is just so difficult. Sergei is a very active player. He's had trouble getting there but you see it, it's coming. The other night [against Washington], I said, 'Wow, there it is, there's his game.' Then he wakes up and he's got this real stitch, this sore spot when he moves a certain way. He is fit now but just getting your body back to that level, I think there's a big factor there."

Hurting his game

Since he played in all 82 games and set career highs in goals, assists, and points in the 2000-01 season, flashy Bruins winger Sergei Samsonov has been plagued by nagging injuries each season:

Season   Games played  Key injury  Games missed*
2001-02  74   Knee   6
2002-03  8   Wrist   74
2003-04  58   Ribs   14
                      Knee   9
2005-06  34   Hand   2
                       Ribs   1

* -- Games missed because of key injury.

Note: Samsonov also suffered from migraines while playing for Moscow Dynamo during NHL lockout.

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