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20 марта 2003 года
Oleg outraged at diving penalty - Calgary Herald


Oleg Saprykin suggests an alternative to the National Hockey League's crackdown on diving.

"Fine the referees $1,000 when they make bad calls," groused the young Calgary Flames winger.

The diving issue was brought out into the open Sunday night during the Flames' 2-2 tie against the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim at Arrowhead Pond.

Midway through the third period, Paul Kariya was hauled down by Andrew Ference on a breakaway, and earned a penalty shot which was stopped by Jamie McLennan.

But halfway through the second, Saprykin was similarly taken down from behind by Kariya on a solo shorthanded rush. In this instance, he was given an unsportsmanlike diving minor, setting up a 95-second, two-man Mighty Ducks power play.

The call provoked howls of outrage in the press box from Flames general manager Craig Button and special assistant to the GM Al MacNeil.

"Show me a player who wants to dive on a breakaway," scoffed Saprykin. "It's exactly the same (situation) as Kariya, and on mine (the call goes) the other way.

"If you can fine the players, it has to go backwards too. If it's a bad call, find a tape and send it back to the league and say: 'Yeah. Look at that call. Fine (the referee) a thousand bucks.' "

Only one night earlier, fans at Edmonton's Skyreach Centre were dumbfounded when Oilers forward Marty Reasoner, tripped by Dallas defenceman Sergei Zubov on a breakaway of his own, was also sent to the sin bin for unsportsmanlike diving.

"I'm not going to dive when I'm in alone," said Reasoner.

"It was a triple whammy," added Edmonton coach Craig MacTavish. "Not only didn't we get the penalty shot, we didn't get the penalty call and then we end up shorthanded."

Sunday at Anaheim, Flames head coach Darryl Sutter sounded a note of caution. Saprykin has been called for diving four times this season -- and twice since the NHL issued its cautionary memo Feb. 26 threatening to issue fines and post blacklists.

"I don't question (Kariya's penalty shot). It's the very same as Iggy's (Saturday) night at San Jose. Is it a penalty shot? I don't know. It depends who you're talking to," said Sutter.

"But Saprykin? He's got a history, already, of getting his skates in the air and his ass on the ice. So if I'm the referee, I'm looking for it."

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