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22 марта 2006 года. 
The two Olegs // The Arizona Republic

David Vest

NHL teammates for less than two weeks, Oleg Kvasha and Oleg Saprykin have bonded quickly.

Perhaps re-bonded is a better way to put it.

The Russian forwards have known each other since they were teenagers and played together for CSKA Moscow in their home country during the NHL lockout.

The pair played on the same line for that team, and coach Wayne Gretzky recently took a look at them on the same line for a few games before separating them on Tuesday.

"It's great to play with your countryman," Saprykin said. "We know what to expect from each other and know where each other are.

"And we can yell to each other in Russian."

Kvasha, whom the Coyotes acquired from the New York Islanders on March 9, values being paired with Saprykin off the ice.

Saprykin was the only Russian on the team before the trade, and he has made efforts to help Kvasha acclimate to his new club.

Saprykin picked Kvasha up at the airport the day he flew to Phoenix to join the team, let him stay at his home that first night and introduced him to his new teammates.

"It's great to have a guy take care of you like that in the room," Kvasha said.

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