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14 октября 2000 года.
Где Сапрыкин?

Мы ищем Сапрыкина - под таким заголовкам появилась статья в газете "Калгари Сан" после первых трёх матчей регулярного сезона 1999-2000 гг. 

Saprykin we're seekin'

Has anyone seen Oleg Saprykin lately? 

He's about 6 ft., 195 lbs. and can usually be spotted wearing No. 19 for the Calgary Flames. 

The Russian winger was last seen terrorizing goaltenders during the pre-season with a deadly shot, his ability to cause goalmouth traffic and an uncanny knack for deflecting point shots. 

His shocking disappearance has Flames coach Don Hay mildly concerned of his whereabouts, especially considering the three aforementioned skills are exactly what his club so dearly needs right now. 

Fans are also understandably concerned about the 19-year-old's well-being as his impressive training camp had him penciled in as one of the answers to Calgary's scoring woes. 

There are unconfirmed reports circulating Saprykin has been playing on the club's top line alongside the likes of Jarome Iginla and Cory Stillman. Rumour is he's also seen plenty of powerplay time, too. 

However, league statisticians weren't able to locate the first-rounddraft pick anywhere on their scoring sheets. 

In three alleged appearances, Saprykin has no points. Further investigation found he had visited the penalty box once and fired six shots on goal, although season-ticket holders scarcely recall any such occurances. 

What makes the situation so eerie is that he seemed to be everywhere during the pre-season. Tipping in five goals in six games -- including four with the man advantage -- the junior sensation was a constant threat with 20 shots on goal and two assists, to boot. For the second year in a row, he appeared ready to make the jump from junior,
although last year he was hardly given a chance to stay past the home opener when the sniper was put on a checking line. He'll certainly be here longer than last year's four-game tryout, but exactly how long is now up for debate as the Moscovite is having trouble adapting to the talent level exhibition games don't provide. 

"The first two games against two of the league's top four teams, he played against top-notch players -- it's definitely a step up from pre-season," said Hay yesterday before boarding a plane that is alleged to have taken Saprykin to Long Island with the team. 

"We have to continue working with him and strengthen his game. He has some holes in it but for a guy his age, he's doing the things we expect him to do well." 

Those who have seen him confirm his inability to impact the game has nothing to do with lack of effort. He's simply been rendered ineffective offensively, which is the one thing he's being counted on to do -- score. 

Granted, the Flames are only three games into the season and there are plenty of other no-shows. Saprykin's mentor -- Val Bure -- has also been shut out. No need to panic. But for a kid who can easily be shipped back to Seattle, you'd hope he'd be able to put up a better case for sticking around to collect a paycheque. 

As a junior-eligible player, Saprykin will draw from his $500,000 base salary as long as he's with the Flames. If he stays for more than 10 games, this season will officially count towards the first year of his three-year contact, whether he stays all year or not. The team doesn't necessarily want that, so despite GM Craig Button's opening day
insistence Saprykin was here to stay, he's now clearly being reviewed on a 10-game trial basis. 

"Is he here for good? I really can't answer that," said Hay. 

"We're always evaluating players and seeing how they fit in. We have to give him more than three games." 

The problem with sending him down is that the organization can't replace him with anyone as talented. (Sorry, Mr. Fata.) However, if he stays and continues to struggle, he could lose confidence in a crucial year of development. 

"I don't think it's fair to put a player under pressure and make him think it's a 10-game tryout," said Button. "Those 10 games don't mean anything to me. At the same time, if we feel at any time he's overwhelmed, we'll do what's best. We're going to work with him." 

Someone's got to find him first. 

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