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25 ноября 2000 года.
Blue Jackets buzzing over Selivanov // Edmonton Sun (English)

By DICK CHUBEY -- Edmonton Sun

Today's diluted NHL cries aloud for offensive skill. 

With this deficiency in mind, doesn't it appear a tad strange that it took almost two months into the season for someone to take a flyer on Alexander Selivanov? 

After all, the former Edmonton Oiler has scored 113 goals - 58 over the last two seasons - and 216 points in 400 NHL games. 

"This guy is an offensive threat. He can score goals in bucketfuls. How can he not help us?'' reasoned Columbus forward Steve Heinz of the fact the Blue Jackets inked Selivanov to a $650,000 US (plus incentives) one-year deal this week. 

Selivanov was due to debut with Columbus last night in Dallas. 

'I think it's great,'' said captain Lyle Odelein. "Any time a guy scores 27 goals in this league (for the Oil last season), he's doing something right.'' 

The Blue Jackets are looking for Selivanov to help on the power play.

"He's a strong guy and he has always worked hard,'' said coach Dave King. "Coming here, there's incentive for him to do well. It's one thing to have salary demands. Now he's in a situation where he's got to get something on his plate if he wants to continue his career. 

"All I've heard about him is he's a rambunctious guy on and off the ice. I think he'll fit in very well. There's a lof of character and chemistry on this team.'' 

Blue Jackets assistant coach Gerard Gallant was a Tampa Bay teammate of Selivanov during the Russian winger's first NHL  ampaign

"I'm sure his defence has gotten better,'' said Gallant. "I've heard people say he was a bad guy, a troublemaker at certain times. But I don't think that's the case. He did cause some problems in his early years in Tampa speeding on the causeways and stuff like that. He was a typical player coming over from (Russia) and enjoying the money and the fast cars. Now he should be more adjusted.'' 

Selivanov had been skating in Florida. 

"I got stuck for two months and don't know why actually. 

"I stayed positive and I knew something was going to get done. I know what it means to be on an expansion team because I played in Tampa. We have to work hard and get along, I understand that.''

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