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20 февраля 2003 года. 
Smirnov Gets Lost in Playoff Chase - LA Times

By Chris Foster, Times Staff Writer

A year ago, Mighty Duck left wing Alexei Smirnov probably would have gotten a lot of playing time, gaining valuable experience for a struggling team that was meandering toward the off-season. That kind of on-the-job training is something the Ducks can ill afford this season in the middle of a playoff race.

Smirnov, a 21-year bull of a power forward, has chipped in here and there, including the game-winning goal against Dallas on Friday. But he skates mostly on the fourth line, averaging 9 minutes 14 seconds per game.

"I thought he was unbelievable in Dallas and in Nashville the next night," Coach Mike Babcock said. "The other night [against the New York Islanders], he didn't get his first opportunity until there was 12:50 left in the first period with the way the game was going."

The Ducks are in the market for a physical forward who can score, just like every other team, and Smirnov may fill that void in a season or two. He has three goals in 33 games this season but has not developed as rapidly as two other Duck rookies, left wing Stanislav Chistov and defenseman Kurt Sauer. 

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