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31 января 2003 года. 
Oleg Tverdovsky injured after all? - Faceoff.com 
Neurologist reveals Tverdovsky 'in all likelihood sustained a concussion'


What started out as fatigue has become a matter of intrigue.

Devils defenseman Oleg Tverdovsky has been in and out of the New Jersey Devils' lineup over the past month for reasons that have remained unclear. The cause that the team initially gave was that he was suffering from lingering fatigue from an earlier illness. There had been speculation that he suffered a concussion, but Lou Lamoriello, the team's general manager, has repeatedly said no test has conclusively shown that. Lamoriello still says that.

But now there may be reason to believe that Tverdovsky did in fact suffer such an injury.

Tverdovsky, who has not played since Jan. 15, recently visited a neurologist on his own, without the Devils' knowledge at the time. Before the Devils' 1-0 victory over the Red Wings at the Meadowlands Jan. 28, the sixth straight that Tverdovsky missed, Lamoriello acknowledged the consultation but refuted a published report earlier that day, stating that there still hasn't been a conclusive diagnosis that Tverdovsky suffered a concussion.

"There was no conclusion that there was a definite concussion," Lamoriello said. "His symptoms at different times are certainly related to a potential or possibility of a concussion; that's why we sent him to a neurologist locally for a second time and then went to a third independent neurologist."

But after Tverdovsky sought the independent opinion of Dr. Karen Johnston in Montreal, Don Meehan, Tverdovsky's agent, said Dr. Johnston said that, "In all likelihood, he had sustained a concussion."

Despite saying that there isn't conclusive evidence of one, Lamoriello said the Devils would treat Tverdovsky as if he suffered a concussion.

"Maybe there was one," Lamoriello said. "I can't answer that. But this (idea) that something was learned that somebody didn't know, there was nothing changed. I take a little offense then things are taken out of context. We had a slight concussion in Jay Pandolfo; we've had many concussions here. They're reported immediately. It's not something we hide."

Tverdovsky, who has been suffering concussion-like symptoms, has traced his illness to a hit he took Nov. 27 at, coincidentally, Detroit. That hit itself may not have caused a concussion, but Meehan said that contact Tverdovsky took in subsequent games may have compounded his injury.

Meehan said Tverdovsky is comfortable with Dr. Johnston's diagnosis, which included the recommendation that he refrain from physical activity for 7-10 days. Last night's game was the 11th of the last 13 that Tverdovsky has missed. After that game against Detroit, Tverdovsky didn't miss a single game until the Dec. 23 tie against the Rangers, when he was sidelined for two straight because of an illness.

When Tverdovsky returned for three games only to sit out again, it was rumored that he was suffering symptoms from a concussion. Lamoriello insisted, though, that numerous tests showed no evidence of such an injury.

"Nothing has changed," Lamoriello said. "We had several doctors examine Olie, and they did not come to the conclusion that he suffered a concussion."

This season, Tverdovsky's first with the Devils, has not been an easy one. The offensive defenseman, whom Anaheim traded to the Devils along with Jeff Friesen last summer essentially for Petr Sykora, has five goals and seven assists in 35 games and has had to adjust to the tighter style of play in the Eastern Conference.

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