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Tyutin apologizes for his choice of words: Blue Jackets' Tyutin apologizes for choice of words in defense
7 ноября 2013 года. Dater, Adrian. Denver Post

 On Monday, Avalanche goalie Semyon Varlamov received support from Columbus Blue Jackets player and fellow Russian Fedor Tyutin in regard to Varlamov's arrest last week. Tyutin later regretted his words and apologized for what he said about the sensitive topic.

"I personally know Semyon very well. He is quite a true, considerate guy," Tyutin told R-Sport of Russia on Monday. "As soon as I heard it all, I realized that it is all blown (out of proportion). It's just American laws are on the women's side. That's why they can go to the police for any little thing, complain and bring a lot of problems to men. That's why the only mistake of Semyon is that he got together with this girl."

Tyutin later backtracked on the comments to The Columbus Dispatch.

"I don't support any violence against women," Tyutin told the paper. "I have my own two daughters. I would never want anything like it to happen to them. I know Semyon. I know him very well. I was just trying to be supportive to him. I should have chosen my words a little better. I think everybody is innocent until proven guilty. I just feel like everybody's convicted him already. Knowing him pretty well, I was trying to support him."

In a statement to the Dispatch, Blue Jackets president John Davidson said: "We have discussed this with Fedor and believe that, while he chose his words very poorly in an attempt to support a friend, he in no way condones violence against women or anyone else."

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