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Blue Jackets Buyout Fedor Tyutin
29 2016 . Hockeybuzz.com (blog)

The Blue Jackets, desperate to find cap space, have bought out Fedor Tyutin.

Tyutin who had a no movement clause did not need waivers to be bought out.
Tyutin is not a bad defencemen at all. He doesnt bring any offense to the table, but he excels at supressing shots and keeping opponents out of the defensive zone.

It hurts the team in the short term to lose Tyuitn. He was a good bottom pair guy, but as I've discussed before with Scott Hartnell, the players contract matters just as much if not more than the player itself. Tyutin makes $4.5M, per General Fanager, which isnt terrible but is far too much for a third pair defencemen, no matter how good he is. Plus he has two years remaining on his deal which is simply far too long for a player his age (he will be 34 when the deal expires). This also gives them one extra player to protect in the expansion draft.

This deal will save the Blue Jackets roughly $3.3M this season and another $2.5 next season. It will cost them about $1.5 in both 2018-19 and 2019-20. Overall they will save a total of around $2.95 when everything is said and done. Its not an ideal situation, but this is the situation this management group has put themselves into.

It has yet to be announced whether a buyout is coming for Jared Boll or David Clarkson. Boll doesnt make sense to buyout. He only has one year remaining on his deal at $1.7M. Buying him out saves you just over a $1M this season, but costs you $500,000 next season. The team is better off just burying him in the minors. They would save $900,000 this season and have nothing to worry about the following season.

While it would be nice to get out from the Clarkson deal, its essentially buyout proof. Clarksons deal is full of bonus money which cant be bought out. The team would only save $3M over the next two seasons and $4M over the next four. Clarkson then would be on the teams books until the 2023-24 season. The cap relief just isnt enough to pay a player that kind of money to go away.

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