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DA drops case against Avalanche goaltender
21.12.2013. Pittsburgh Tribune - Review

 DENVER -- Prosecutors said Friday they are dropping a domestic violence case against Avalanche goalie Semyon Varlamov because they have new information leading them to believe they couldn't win a conviction.

Varlamov was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault after his girlfriend told police he knocked her down with a kick, stomped on her chest and dragged her by her hair at their apartment Oct. 30.

The girlfriend, Evgeniya Vavrinyukat, also accused him of telling her that he would have beaten her more if they had been in Russia, where he is from, authorities said.

Lynn Kimbrough, a spokeswoman for the Denver District Attorney's Office, declined to offer specifics on the new information that led prosecutors to drop the case.
Varlamov, 25, has been free on $5,000 bond and has been playing. He is 16-8 with a 2.37 goals-against average this season.

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