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Back with Avs, Semyon Varlamov thankful for U.S. justice system
4 февраля 2016 года. Chambers, Mike. Denver Post

A day after winning a civil lawsuit brought against him and being awarded $126,000 in damages, Russian-born Semyon Varlamov felt proud to be living in America.

"I learned a lot of about the law in America," the Avalanche goaltender said Wednesday after practice. "You cannot lie. You have to be truthful."

Varlamov and his attorney's spent eight days over the last two weeks in a Denver courtroom defending allegations that he engaged in assault and battery against his former girlfriend, Evgeniya Vavrinyuk. The jury not only sided with Varlamov, who has a $6 million salary this season, but ordered Vavrinyuk to pay for his court costs.

"I'm glad it's over. It's not easy to sit there, all day long, and at the end of the day you don't know what's going to happen. But I'm glad it's over. We won the case. I just want to move on and just focus on hockey," Varlamov said.

He added: "The reason why I'm still here, still with this team, is because the guys stepped up for me, this organization stepped up for me and have been really supportive. I really appreciate that."

Varlamov, who has practiced with the team just twice over the last week, will return to the lineup in a backup role Thursday against the visiting Dallas Stars. Calvin Pickard will get the start.

Avs coach Patrick Roy testified at Varlamov's trial last week, along with team captain Gabe Landeskog, team executive Greg Sherman and former Avalanche teammate Patrick Bordeleau, among others.

"It's pretty impressive to see how Varly handled it," Roy said. "He always kept him to himself and never (complained) to the guys. He always tried to stay focused in his play. Honestly, he deserves a lot of credit. And now it's going to be easier for him to focus on what he has to do and I think it will be good for our team."

Said Landeskog: "We're just happy it's over, for Varly's sake -- to see him more relieved and not have to deal with this. His name has been dragged in the dirt for two years now and it's good to finally see the truth come out. We're just happy we can put it behind him ... It's been a bit of a distraction, I'm not going to lie." 

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