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13 ноября 2003 года. 
Vishnevski Responds After Being Benched - LA Times

By Chris Foster

Vitaly Vishnevski has been a presence in the lineup nearly his entire career with the Mighty Ducks. Only four times in his three full seasons has he sat out a game because of a coach's decision.

This season, though, he has been a healthy scratch five times. It has been a learning experience, and Vishnevski has learned he doesn't like it.
"Everyone who is not playing wants to be out there," said Vishnevski, who was the team's first-round pick in 1998. "You want to get the opportunity to get in there and stay in there."

Vishnevski developed a reputation as a vicious hitter when he first came into the league. Yet, there have been times when his coaches felt he struggled defensively. The addition of veteran Todd Simpson gave the Ducks another physical defenseman.

"Vish is a player that's got to be physical, got to play hard," Duck Coach Mike Babcock said. "It has been a challenge for him. We brought in Todd Simpson, who does those things as well. [Vish] found himself out of the lineup, and I thought he really responded.

"In his role, not only do you have to play hard and physical, but you got to be under control. Running around getting a big hit if you're going the wrong direction isn't what I'm looking for." 

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