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Monday, November 3, 1997
Russians keep an eye on Yashin

  Alexei Yashin's focus is with the Senators but Russian hockey officials will be in town to take a look at the Ottawa all-star centre this week.
 With preparations underway for February's Olympic Games in Nagano, Russian hockey president Alexander Steblin and coach Vladimir Yurzinov will watch the Senators game against Phoenix Thursday at the Corel Centre.
 Yashin, who turns 24 Wednesday, has been guaranteed a spot on the Olympic team, so Ottawa will be one stop on an NHL tour for the Russian officials.
 "They want to come see some games in the NHL," said Yashin, who went into last night's game against the Bruins with six goals and 10 assists for 16 points in 14 games. "The Olympics are going to be a great experience because there's going to be lots of attention. The good thing about these Olympics is that the best players will play."
 Steblin and Yurzinov know Yashin well, one reason why he's a leading candidate to be the club's captain. He played for Yurzinov with Moscow Dynamo before signing with the Senators in 1993.
 Yashin, an assistant captain on the Senators and captain of the Russian world championship team in 1995, also spent July training with TPS Finland where Yurzinov is the head coach.
 "We've been working together for a long time," said Yashin. "He's very tough but in my opinion he knows the game very well. He took Dynamo to the championship four years ago. He knows the game and he's got lots of experience."
 The Russians want to make up for a poor showing in the World Cup last September. They were losers in the semi-finals to the Americans.
 "I think it was a big disappointment for Russian fans," said Yashin. "I think we all expect to be better in the Olympics but the competition is going to be better."

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