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13 сентября 2002 года. 
Zhamnov optimistic for upcoming season

It's hard to believe, but Alex Zhamnov is already entering his 7th season with the Chicago Blackhawks. And this is a season he's really looking forward to. "We took a big step as a team last year," said Zhamnov. "Right now we have a very nice atmosphere here. We have a great coaching staff and our goal is to play the same way we did last year. We want to get into the playoffs but this time we want to go past the first round. I believe we have a good team this year. Everybody had a chance to experience playing in the playoffs so we know what it's all about. I think this will help us as we look forward to this year."

Entering his 11th NHL season, Zhamnov has become one of the leaders on this Blackhawk team. He has always led by example and his past performance will attest to that fact. However, he may find himself being looked up to a lot especially by the younger Blackhawk players. "I don't feel any additional pressure because I think everybody understands that not one or two guys win the game but all twenty guys," Zhamnov said. "When Brian came to the team he changed everything and he did a great job. I think everybody has to feel a little pressure on their shoulders because that's what the team is all about. We have to support each other and make each other feel comfortable. I think that was one of the big reasons for our success last year."

Although he has never been a team captain in his years in the NHL, that could be something the future holds for Zhamnov in a Blackhawk uniform. During a recent fan poll on the Blackhawks web site, Zhamnov's name was prominently mentioned as the fan's choice. "It's a big responsibility being the team captain and it would be a big honor to be the captain of the Blackhawks," said Zhamnov. "It's a hard job to be the captain and a very hard question for me. For sure I can look around on our team and see a lot of guys who could be captain; guys who have won the Stanley Cup or have been the captain on other teams. Maybe one of those guys should be the captain. But we'll have the answer soon so we'll see."

The Blackhawks look to be stronger offensively this season. Although Tony Amonte opted for Phoenix, Theo Fleury and Sergei Berezin will add scoring punch to the existing lineup which includes Eric Daze, Steve Sullivan, Michael Nylander as well as Zhamnov himself at the forward position.

"I think Fleury and Berezin are going to help us a lot," Zhamnov said. "They have speed, they have skill, and they can score goals. For sure they're going be a big help for us because I think we're going to have three strong lines. I look forward to this year like I said earlier. I think it's going to be a lot of fun this year."

How the Blackhawks feel about the upcoming season is epitomized in Zhamnov's comment regarding the Brian Sutter mindset and approach. "Like Brian says, whether it's exhibition or regular season, he wants to win all of the games."

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