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19 декабря 2000 года.
Oilers hope Zholtok can regain scoring touch // Edmonton Sun 


DETROIT -- Kevin Lowe's patience was wearing thin - as was Chad Kilger's shelf life. 

Put two and two together and you get four - the number of times Kilger has been dealt in his short playing career. 

This time he heads east, just an hour away from his native Cornwall, Ont., to Montreal as he was dealt yesterday for Canadiens centreman Sergei Zholtok. 

In Zholtok the Oilers get a 26-goal scorer in the 1999-2000 season. But that was then, this is now, and the 28-year-old has four fewer goals than the player going the other way. His grand total? One. 

"It's difficult to explain," said Canadiens GM Andre Savard of the struggling Latvian. "He had 26 goals last year. His work ethic was good, but for reasons that are hard to understand he was in a slump and having difficulty getting out of it.'' 

It was the same way in Ottawa as Zholtok, a former Senator, scored 12 goals in 57 games in 1996-97, then dropped to 10 in 78 games the next. 

He is described as an opportunistic player who has missed on several scoring chances throughout his career. Posts, crossbars, masks, the butt of a goalie's stick - he's hit them all. 


"Last year a lot of those went in. This year he's had tons of chances and the further it goes the more he squeezes his stick," said a source. So he should feel at home, though the Oilers brass is obviously hoping he snaps out of it. As is Zholtok. 

"I want to contribute in any way I can," began the newest recruit before last night's game. "From the beginning of the year I've had a lot of chances, a lot of ice time, but not many goals." 

And he admits it's not like he hasn't had his opportunity averaging 15-plus minutes a night. Ironically, he was also a team-worst minus-15 in Montreal. 

"Ask me who I wasn't playing with. I was playing left wing, right wing, centre," he conceded. 

But this trade isn't just about scoring, which is at a premium. Salaries had plenty to do with it. 

Kilger is making $931,700 and demands to be qualified next season at $1.02 million. Zholtok makes $505,000 and will qualify next year at $555,000. 

That's a big difference in a small-market city. So this is a sideways move, although Zholtok has the potential to score more. Lowe and head coach Craig MacTavish had finally given up on Kilger, a six-foot-three, 215-pounder who left fans and media alike scratching their heads wondering when was it all going to come together. 

"It was just a procedural thing with Chad. We brought him along slow," said MacTavish. "At times he was playing well and was a physical force, and got more ice time. We were still optimistic that he was developing and we're still optimistic that he'll turn into a good player." 

Same for Zholtok. 

"He got 26 last year and we need some more offence. That's why the deal was made," said MacTavish. "It was nothing more complex than that. We had to try and get some more goals. 

"He's very gifted with the puck, a real good component to the power play, and our power play can use that right now," said MacTavish. "He makes plays, finds open ice, shoots the puck very well. 

"We're hoping it was lack of opportunity for him in Montreal this year and given that opportunity he'll regain that scoring touch." 

Can Zholtok regain his 26-goal form? 

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