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13 января 2006 года.
Stars' Zubov continues his amazing act //  The Dallas Morning News

Even at 35, defenseman possesses keen sense and a deft touch


Jason Arnott was about to yell at his puck-carrying teammate Thursday to announce his location in the offensive zone.

Then he saw it was Sergei Zubov. There was no need to say anything.

"I just looked up, and there it [the puck] was," said Arnott, who took a blind drop pass from Zubov and scored the Stars' first goal in a 4-1 win over the Washington Capitals.

Zubov has built a career on finding the right man at the right time with a pass few others would even think to attempt. At 35, he has lost none of his deftness.

He carries an eight-game point streak, tying his career-best, into the Stars game today in Boston. He has a goal and 12 points in that span and ranks fifth in points among NHL defensemen.

The numbers reveal only a sliver of Zubov's game. Much like the pass to Arnott.

"That's not a normal read for a defenseman, but he was looking two plays ahead," fellow defenseman Philippe Boucher said. "He was hoping to get the pass, and he knew exactly what he was going to do with it. I mean, it's just amazing the way his mind works. He sees things that nobody else sees."

Mike Modano raves about Zubov's ability to slow down play when most players are only concerned with raising the tempo.

Zubov once again shrugged his shoulders when asked about his play.

"We've been through this before," he said.

He said he can't really explain his thinking on the ice.

Things happen, and he reacts.

Associate coach Rick Wilson backs Zubov's interpretation.

"We really don't talk much about how he sees things or how he does things," Wilson said. "We have talked about the broad sense of his role and what he has to do defensively, but there is a trust in what he does with the puck. He has to have more latitude in the game, and we give him that."

The Stars' destination today – Boston – was the longtime home of legendary Norris Trophy winners Bobby Orr and Ray Bourque.

Not only has Zubov never won the Norris, he's never even been among the finalists for the award given to the league's top defenseman.

To his teammates, the oversight is stunning.

"To me, it's ridiculous that he hasn't gotten more recognition for the Norris," Modano said. "I mean, at least a few finalists. You look around, and there aren't a whole lot of defensemen more consistent than he is." 

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