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Zubrus' nose broken
29 января 2014 года. Gulitti, Tom. The Record

 Devils left wing Dainius Zubrus played Tuesday despite having his nose broken in the first period of Sunday's game against the Rangers at Yankee Stadium.

It happened when Zubrus was caught between Rangers forward Brian Boyle and defenseman Ryan McDonagh on a sandwich hit.

"I think it was just [McDonagh] finishing a check because my shield went in my face," Zubrus said before facing the Blues in St. Louis.

The Devils' doctor pushed the nose back into place during the first intermission, and Zubrus played the remainder of the game.

"I covered my face with a towel and our doctor said, 'It's not going to feel good for a few seconds,'" Zubrus said. "So, you suck it up and he just kind of put it back and you hear the clicking and grinding or whatever."

There was at least one observer that was surprised Zubrus returned to the game.
"In the training room, the Yankee trainer was watching them reset his nose and all the blood, and couldn't believe that he was going back out to play," Devils coach Pete DeBoer said. "Not that baseball players aren't tough, but I don't think they see a lot of that."

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